Friday, May 7, 2010


Rides,parades and more! Can you guess where I went? Disneyland!!!

I took a 6 hour drive with a hole in my tongue to get to Disneyland,but it was definetly worth it. On the way we stopped at the beach in Santa Monica for a while. It was fun running from waves and playing in the sand. We dug huge holes that we could actually sit in!!! Some times it was frustrating because sand got in to the holes, but I kept on digging.

When we went to the hotel we went swimming. The pool was actually warmer than the hot tub! Who would think of that?!

The next day we went to Disneyland. We went on so many fun rides. Some were scary, others weren't. I hated the haunted mansion one. I closed my eyes the whole time. Splash mountain was fun. I love going down the big drop!!!!!! I also like seeing the animals sing the song zipede do da.

We also went on a lot of rides in fantasy land. since they have humongous lines my papa had a wheel chair so we went in that line. Peter Pan was fun and Snow White was scary. We couldn't go on Dumbo because the line was so long and there is no wheel chair line. I loved going on Matterhorn. The wheel chair line was longer than the normal!

On Indiana Jones Connor had to pee so bad and my Mom gave him a water bottle because there were no bathrooms and we had to go in an elevator. Then when the door was closing people got in. my mom and Corey blocked him and he went. You could hear the pee clinking against the plastic. We do not know if the people knew. When we got on the ride some girls where screaming so loud that we could not enjoy it. We could not find the wheel chair, so we went on a second time.

We went on the jungle cruise next. Our guide was really funny. The piranhas were the coolest!!!!!!
They jumped up and snapped. We got a tiny bit splashed.

Next we went on Pinocchio. It was nice. Then we went on Mr. Toad's Wild ride. I got to drive. It was really funny. That was our last ride.

Then we went to a parade! It was awsome!!! Me and Ashlyn got to be in it. It was called celebrate you. We got to dance and walk in it it was amazing!!! Last we went home.

I had a great time at Disneyland!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope I go again! Disneyland Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

My birthday

I turned ten on March 30. I got lots of presents and had a great party. It was fun!!!

I got a little tired of my friends saying I wasn't ten when my birthday was a few days away that's for you Delaney. Now to bad for them they don't have anything to bug me about because I am ten now (ha ha). I am happy I am double digits and older.

I love all my presents I got. There is only one problem. I can't name them all. So I have chosen to name one. I got a dock for my ipod. The only problem is that it does not work with mine. My dad and I have to look online for a new one. I got to decorate my cake for my friend party and my family party. I made one with a ten with a peace sign in the middle with flowers surrounding it and recess peanut-butter cups in the middle. The other with a ten with a peace sign in the middle and polka dots around it.

At my party we went bowling. It was so fun!!!!!! I lost on my team. It was still fun though. The girls who lived far away spent the night. We watched 4 movies while eating popcorn,skittles and chips. We stayed up until five a.m. I was not that tired which is a little weird. When we woke up around 8:15 we ate donuts and drank chocolate milk and orange juice. We finished up and dropped the girls off. Then it was done.

I had a great birthday celebration. I love my birthday. It is was sooooooo fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010


I took a long drive with a bunch of boys to Arizona. We did a lot of swimming, some ice cream eating, and went to a Giants game.

I hated going in the car. I was uncomfortable and tired. We watched movies on the way and listened to our ipods. It made time go by a little faster I guess.

I liked going swimming in the pool. The pool was nice and warm. The boys did chicken fights and I just swam and messed around doing handstands and flips. Every time after the pool except one I washed my hair so it didn't get all tangly from the chlorine.

We went to a Giants game for spring training. I got five signatures. The only person I knew that signed my ball was Aaron Rowand. I ate candy and drank lemonade. The lemonade was blue. The Giants won 5 to 4. It was really hot so when we got back we went swimming and we had lasagne for dinner.

One day I ate ice cream at the pool. I got mixed chocolate and vanilla. It was bigger than everyone elses. I wonder if they knew it was my birthday really soon :(imposible).

I loved my vacation to Arizona!!! I really had fun! I want to go again!!! ;-)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My mom and dad went on vacation to Hawaii. I stayed with my relatives. my Aunt's house, my mom's parents house, and my dads parents house.

I liked playing with my cousins at there house. I played with Ashlyn the most, Makena in the middle, and Caden not as much because he likes playing with boy toddler stuff. Ashlyn an I slept in a fort under her bed. We played in the fort in the day time. One time Caden played in it and knocked over a wall so Ashlyn and I almost kicked him out. The reason why I play with Makena is that she is soooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I went to my moms parent's house my grandma set up centers. I liked the Art center the best. We earn g-bucks for doing a center twice for 15 minutes. g-bucks are worth 25 cents. At the end we went to this place called Super Franks. There were lots of things to do, but we just went into the arcade. I earned 150 tickets and I got a little pink soccer ball.

When I went to my dad's parent's I went bowling. I guess the lady had a hearing problem because she spelled Connor's name Carter, My grandma's Julie, Corey's C-O-R-Y, and mine C-L-A-I-R-E. When we were bowling I threw the ball into the other guys lane and he had to reset his pins.

I was happy when my parents came back. I missed them. I want to go to Hawaii some time. I don't want my parents to leave again.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I went skiing at Doge Ridge. I loved it for lots of reasons. It wasn't the best weather,but that didn't make a big difference.

On the drive there we were in a snowglobe. It was like you wound it up and it plays storm music and the cars go around slowly. You shake the snowglobe and snow flies everywhere. The funny thing was that there was lighting and the trees around us actually where in a globe shape.

We Finally got there around 9:00. I was so excited when we got there so I threw on my snow clothes and rushed to get my ticket and boots, poles, and skis. However, I was in such a hurry that I forgot my beanie. In the morning I was in such a hurry that I forgot my sunglasses for eye protection!!!

I took a ski lesson. It helped me feel more in-control of my skis. One thing I learned was that wherever you make your skis go you go. So you might want to be a little careful.

When I was done with the lesson I ate lunch. After that I went wherever I wanted to with my skis. My friends and I went to chair 6. I wanted to show some jumps to them. I decided to take what I thought was a shortcut. It ended up being really deep snow and my skis got stuck in it. I tried and tried to pull them out. When I finally got them out I fell in more deep snow and my poles slid down the hill. I got out again and retrieved my poles. I went back up the lift to help my friends who had been higher up. By now I was soaked and tired. When I finally go to where my friends were someone came by and helped them. All this seemed like hours of our precious time, but it turned out like only 30 minutes ( which is still a pretty long time ). I finally showed them the little jumps and we were fine.

Next I went on chair 2 and went over to 1. One's chair were not running at the time. One is a harder slope so we took a little path down over to 2. Connor didn't listen to anything and went razor speed down 1! What a fall he had. Next I went over to chair 3. Chair 3 is a black diamond so we went on Highs path. By now all the icy hard snow was hitting my face hard core as I zoomed down the hills. My cheeks turned a bright fiery red from all the ice hitting it. They are still rosy red today. After that I was done skiing. My whole face was burning when I went into the lodge. My beanie was so covered with ice you couldn't see it. I returned my rental stuff and soon after that we left. We got pizza yum yum. Finally we got home. I was so tired and went to bed right away.

I had such a great time. Skiing is fun, cold, and speedy. I can't wait to go again. I love skiing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Fish Place

I went to the Marine Science institute in Redwood city down by the bay. I didn't expect it to be soooooo cool. We got to do all sorts of things that we wouldn't get to do at other places. We did things like.......

...pulling in a huge fish net from the bay. We pulled and tugged at the nasty muddy rope for the huge green net that we got little anchovies in. We got to run and put them into a bucket. We pet the fish with a 2 finger touch like a closed up peace sign. The smaller fish we pet with with just a 1 finger touch.

Next we collected plankton with a quite smaller net that had a bottle attached to the end. We dragged the net through the murky bay water. The lady in charge brought the bottle inside and put a few drops of water under the microscope on a slide ( not the kind on a playground ). Everyone saw the small zoo-plankton and even smaller phyto-plankton now visible under the magnificent microscope. You might want to think next time when your in any uncleaned water you taste one drop you are eating millions of plankton

Then we went into a room with a medium sized circular tank. there were leopard sharks and bat rays in there. A hungry shark jumped out of the tank because he thought it was feeding time. The people only feed them once or twice a week because they are going to release them after a while and they want the sharks to stay healthy. The worker put a shark aside so we could pet him. I didn't want to pet them I hesitated for awhile and touched him and he jerked pretty hard so I flung my hand out and didn't dare to touch him again.

We went on to the dock and we did this mud clamp thing. We pulled it up and pushed it to the water it sank to the bottom and came up with a bunch of mud. We repeated the process once more and got more mud. We looked through the mud and found shells and things. We pledged a solom oath with mud on our fingers. When the oath was finished the worker said to put mud on our face and we would be in the mud club. Most people did it included me. Some people made cat whiskers that also including me. I was grossed out after I stopped to think what was in the mud. I wanted to wipe off my face,but it was to late the mud would just smear. I ended up waiting 'till the mud dried and crumbled off.

We saw a few crabs and things in a tiny little boxish thing. Lastly we petted fish in a bucket and said which one we thought it was on a poster. then we took a long bus ride home.

It was such a great field trip. We did many things that no one else could do. It was soooooooooooooo sooooooooooo fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Levi's b.d

My cousin Levi turned 1 years old on January 28th ( I think that was it ). We celabrated it on January 31. It was cool.
When we got there I played with my cousins Levi, Caden, and Noelle while the grownups talked. I know that Levi, Caden, and Noelle are not my only cousins, but Ashlyn and Makena were not there.
In a little bit we did presents. Levi got a drum, swim stuff, a ball and my uncle's old stuffed animal Roland the lion, and finally a water table from us and the Fox family. Noelle wanted to play with the water table right then, but it was too cold.
Next we did cake ( double yum ). There was orange marmalade cake and chocolate cake. There was even two kinds of icecream vanilla and turtle tracks. I rememer how good that chocolate cake was with turtle track icecream. Speakng of cake Noelle and Levi's cousin Jake got into Ashlyn's cake we were going to bring to her. That baby must of had some stomach ache.
Finally we went off to another adventure. That was such an enjoyable day. Hurray for birthday parties!!!!!!!